About us


We are a catalyst for economic growth and financial inclusion for the poor.

Founded in New-York by CEOs around the world on a radical notion: Leasing to the poor has the power to transform entire communities in a sustainable way.

Capital Growth Foundation is a community non-profit organization committed to inspiring entrepreneurship globally and more over to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive.

We are widening our focus to catalyze further economic growth and alleviate poverty in underserved markets around the world.

We remain boldly committed to market-based solutions, and are supporting the rise of enterprises delivering basic service and leasing innovation to help low-income families and communities achieve a better standard of living.



To alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that help people build assets, create jobs and raise their standard of living.


To build a global network of sustainable and scalable social enterprises that improve lives worldwide.


With headquarters in Roxbury, New-York, our goal is to provide low-income people around the world the tools they need to succeed. Our programs benefit millions of people across five continents. We do that by offering responsible Leasing services, such as small loans or savings accounts; by reaching people in remote communities using technology like mobile phones and tablets; and by providing access to life-enhancing products, like solar home systems and clean cook stoves.

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Capital Growth Foundation is grateful to all the corporate, foundation, bilateral, multilateral and other partners who support our work on long-range and large-scale initiatives. Our partners lend significant financial support, as well as technology and know-how. They help us enter new markets, deliver new products and services, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations.

Capital Growth Foundation “Entrepreneurship Programme” has committed $100 million through our founder’s endowment to identify, train, mentor and fund 40,000 entrepreneurs across the world over 19 years. With over 420,000 applications in the first 3 years alone there is a unique opportunity for like minded organizations to partner with the Capital Growth Foundation in order select many more entrepreneurs. With access to the largest entrepreneurship ecosystem on the continent, our partners would be leveraging on our networks, extensive experience, as well as a tried and tested system that has been proven to produce maximum impact!

The goal is that 100,000 entrepreneurs will create 100 million jobs and generate $100 billion in additional revenue. With our strategic partners we can multiply these figures exponentially. To this end, an opportunity also exists for second tier funding by Capital Growth foundation Partners in the form of debt or equity financing for the High Growth Companies that make up our growing pool of Alumni.

Join us in this exciting journey as we change the world through empowering Entrepreneurs and contributing to economic development.


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Core Values

Trust and Respect

In business, as in life, integrity is everything. Within our organization integrity goes deeper than just the game rules— it is our code of conduct. Confidence, respect and inclusiveness are imperatives. Non-judgment and non-solicitation are non-negotiable.

Thirst for Learning

Our most valuable asset is wisdom gained through our appetite for knowledge and the transformational experiences that we share with our peers. A thirst for learning leads to an open mind. A thirst for learning leads to an open mind, and an open mind leads to greater opportunity.

Boldly Go!

This is what we’ve done all our lives. It’s what allows us to grow and take risks. It inspires us to never give up, celebrating failures as well as successes. It’s an innate instinct born out of courage, creativity and eternal optimism.

Make a Mark

We are not afraid of challenging conventions. We are in control of our destiny, and with that comes a great responsibility. To build value. To make a difference. To leave a legacy. We are willing to put in the effort to transform any experience into a positive one for all.

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