Our programs and services expand financial inclusion, strengthen local communities and create opportunities for those who remain excluded from the benefits of global economic growth.

Improved Lives

Our work improves the lives of poor and vulnerable people around the world.

We help people build sustainable livelihoods that can support their families.  Through access to responsible credit and savings services they can start or grow their own small businesses and weather tough times.

As our clients’ businesses grow, their quality of life improves. They can send their children to school, improve their homes, meet their personal aspirations and give back to their communities.

Transformed Communities

Grassroots Community Transformation

we have learned the deep, meaningful power of the ripple effect: one change to one person’s life has the potential to lift entire families and communities to places they, and generations before them, have never known.

Capital Growth Foundation exists to create that first ripple — not only for individuals but also for families, small businesses and communities as a whole.

With access to capital, people can create livelihoods for themselves and others in their community. On average, Capital growth foundation subscribers create two jobs each, many with living wages.

They purchase local goods. They provide new goods or services that benefit their community. All of these activities transform communities – from the ground up.

Global Development Model

Capital’s impact does not end with improvement in the individual lives of its nearly 5 million clients. Each loan and each social good product is just the beginning. Enabling the economic participation of women or those living in remote villages changes the future. Life-changing products give mothers and fathers more time to focus on their businesses or their children. Lifting the income of a family means that children can stay in school.

We believe this is one of the best approaches to global development that exists. It creates a cycle of self-sufficiency rather than dependence. This model empowers people and communities to make their own dreams of their future a reality.