Leasing Services

The founders of Capital Growth Foundation understood that poor people could receive and pay back small lleasing services, and that these loans could transform their lives. Over 30 years later, that concept of microfinance has helped millions of hardworking people to build businesses, increase their incomes and improve their lives.

Why financial help and Leasing Services?

Access to essential financial services can bridge the economic gap between the haves and have-nots. It can also create economic sustainability and self-reliance for the poor. Salaried or wage-paying jobs are scarce in many developing countries. Many citizens earn their living through informal markets and self-employment, by creating and operating their own small enterprises.

Leasing services can empower individuals economically and socially by allowing them to manage their complex lives.  It can also help them to better integrate into a country’s economy by actively contributing to economic growth while giving them a stake in their immediate community.

Financial Inclusion

Nearly two billion people around the world are financially excluded, without critical access to credit, savings or other basic financial services.

Traditional banks often do not serve the “micro” loan segment or even the small business segment in developing countries, because it is too costly for them or they don’t know how to serve people working in the informal economy.

We believe in economic opportunity and justice for all and are working hard to achieve that ideal.

Group Leasing

Capital Growth Foundation group leasing are targeted to very low-income entrepreneurs with the smallest enterprises, where group members provide a guarantee for each other.

Individual Business leasing services

Larger loan sizes and more flexible terms help entrepreneurs continue to grow their businesses and generate jobs.

Agriculture Leasing

we purchase seeds, fertilizer, livestock and equipment when they are needed and they repay the principal when the harvest comes in.