We use research to rigorously monitor the performance of our work to ensure we are delivering deep and meaningful impact for people and enterprises.

To do this effectively, we seek to understand the complete people experience. This includes the benefits our clients are receiving and the ways we may improve to better serve them. Our  research  provides useful intelligence for enhancing our work.

Research Built from the Customer’s Perspective

We approach the question of social impact from the people’s perspective, to understand how products affect their day-to-day lives. Our research uses participatory survey methods designed to give voice to customers’ perceptions and experiences. This data indicates whether and how we are improving their lives, and it helps us be more responsive to customer needs as we grow and scale.

  • Customers tell us what attributes to measure and how to measure them. This generates impact metrics that are derived from customers’ daily experiences and are meaningful within a relevant time-frame.
  • Using these metrics, a survey instrument is designed that supports rigorous quantitative analysis, including the frequency and intensity of responses and a reliable measure of their value to customers.

ValiData: A Cloud-Based Research Platform

To help collect bullet-proof data, we developed ValiData, a cloud-based research platform for collecting and analyzing field data. This powerful and unique solution offers numerous advantages over traditional field data collection.

  1. Collects reliable data on nuanced issues and overcomes survey bias.
  2. Detects outliers and inconsistencies using powerful statistical techniques.
  3. Uses machine learning to identity enumerator bias.
  4. Leverages cloud connectivity with offline capabilities to allow survey administrators to take action while enumerators are still in the field.
  5. Results in high-quality data sets for deep customer insights.

Subscriber Research in Action


  • Using household and enterprise surveys, we build a detailed picture of the customer profile and assess our impact against key indicators, including: financial inclusion, living standards, employment, women’s empowerment and personal aspirations of clients.

Social Enterprise

  • Perceived impacts of solar energy and improved cookstove products by off-grid customers in Uganda.

Thematic Research

  • Impact of agency banking and its role in driving women’s financial inclusion in DR Congo.