Social Enterprises

Capital Growth Foundation knows what it takes to look past the skeptics, embrace the unknown, and tenaciously push forward.

For the past years, Capital Growth Foundation has enabled bottom-up growth in markets others found uneconomical to serve and too difficult to reach by providing financial services to entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP). Capital Growth was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

As the owner-operator of a global finance network, we are uniquely positioned to grow social enterprises faster and smarter, and reach BOP populations more effectively and responsibly. This is achieved through a platform we call Accelerator.

The Second Revolution

Our programs aim to improve the standard of living for the world’s poor by supporting the rise of enterprises devoted to the development of high-quality and extremely affordable products and services across six sectors. It is a platform to explore innovation and collaboration with the purpose of providing breakthrough and diverse approaches to serving BOP customers.



  • Solves the issues of distribution and credit for life-enhancing products to reach and serve low-income populations..

Capital Growth Ventures

  • Provides early-stage capital to social enterprises, start-up demonstrating the greatest impact potential.

FinTech Incubator

  • Creates an innovation platform to test new technologies in the Capital Growth network.

Leading Influence Platform

  • Advances thought leadership on market-led innovations supporting the world’s poor.