Why us

The Challenge

Alleviating Poverty through Lasting Solutions

Around the world, three billion people survive on less than $2.50 per day. They live without the financial tools and basic services that enable equal progress toward better lives. Without the income to sustain themselves or the ability to access life-improving products, their quality of life remains poor. We takle this challenge through market-based solutions, including small loan and enterprise.

Living Financially Excluded

The Problem

Individuals living in some of the world’s most challenging economies have long been unbanked. In fact, 1.7 billion people globally do not have access to formal financial services; 56 percent of them are women. More than 200 million micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging economies lack knowledge and adequate financing to thrive and grow. Without access to financial services, the world’s poor struggle to start or expand a business, save for a child’s education, pay for health care, plan for the future or cope with unexpected emergencies.

Delivering Solutions

The foundation is a key enabler to reducing poverty and increasing opportunity. Since 1999, we have enabled bottom-up growth in markets that others have found too difficult to reach or uneconomical to serve. We do so by offering access to small loans, savings accounts and other financial services that low-income people otherwise would not have.

Living Off-the-Grid

The Problem

Off-grid families throughout sub-Saharan Africa burn kerosene, wood and charcoal to light their homes and prepare food. These traditional fuels are hazardous and unhealthy. They are a major cause of house fires and burns, and together with cooking fires, generate vast amounts of indoor air pollution. Exposure to this toxic smoke causes four million deaths worldwide, including 400,000 people in sub-Saharan Africa. Without electricity, living in darkness increases vulnerability to disease-carrying pests and other intruders. Women and girls—the primary agents of domestic activities—are disproportionately affected.

Delivering Solutions

By offering pay-as-you-go financing and leasing, BrightLife pairs access to finance with access to energy to help customers move up the financial inclusion and energy ladders. This translates into greater resilience and opportunity for off-grid families.

Living Without Basic Services

The Problem

For much of the world’s population, there remains inadequate access to modern energy, clean water, improved sanitation, quality education and more.

  • 1.1 billion people do not have electricity.
  • 2.8 billion people live without clean cooking facilities.
  • 2.1 billion people lack access to safely managed sanitation services.
  • Nine out of 10 children between the ages of six and 14 in sub-Saharan Africa will not meet minimum proficiency levels in reading and math.

Seeing the success of our Leasing Services, a new wave of social enterprises is adopting market-based solutions to address these issues. However, early-stage enterprises face common challenges to growth and reaching their full impact potential. These include a lack of funding to grow their ideas and operational hurdles to deliver essential service products in the world’s most challenging developing markets.

Delivering Solutions

Capital Grow foundation is uniquely positioned to help social enterprises grow faster and smarter, and reach the world’s poor more effectively and responsibly. Through Capital growth Ventures, we are enabling access to basic service products by supporting innovative solutions in energy, water and sanitation, education, health, agriculture and financial technology.

Our Approach

Capital Growth foundation is alleviating poverty through leasing and small enterprises.

At capital Growth foundation, we prefer an approach that is sustainable and empowering. Our work is guided by a commitment to market-based solutions, and a belief in the inherent resources and strengths of those living in poverty to pursue and achieve their dreams.

Sometimes these dreams can seem modest, such as fixing a leaking roof or ensuring that a child has books for school.


For many of these individuals, access to financial services via leasing is the gateway to realizing their dreams. Low-income households use leasing to earn more, build assets and cushion themselves from external shocks. With increased income, they also invest in better nutrition, housing, health care and education. Our activities in the financial services sector are carried out by a global network of 20 microfinance institutions, banks and Ambassador.


In addition to financial services, the world’s poor has a right to life-enhancing products that save them time and money, and make them healthier, more resilient and empowered. By supporting the rise of enterprises, Capital Growth Foundation is enabling access to high-quality and extremely affordable products. These include solar home systems, improved cookstoves, water filtration devices and much more.

Through our Bright Life program, we partner with best-in-class manufacturers to provide last-mile distribution and end-user financing for essential products. we offer patient capital and technical assistance to help grow and scale early-stage social enterprises. Both of these programs, along with leasing services, give low-income people the tools they need to succeed.